When travelling in your RV be aware of these safety tips provided by The Ambulance Service of NSW

  • Be aware a caravan or boat can be harder to manoeuvre and may take longer to suddenly stop.
  • Other road users should adjust their driving speed and distance between the vehicles.
  • If you are holding up traffic, pull over when it is safe to let traffic pass.
  • It is not only dangerous but illegal to travel in a caravan while being towed.
  • Remember to drive to conditions, especially when it is wet or windy.
  • If travelling to remote or isolated areas, take a good first aid kit with you. They are available at your local chemist.
  • Know your location in the event you require emergency services. A GPS can be handy to give you a location when you enter unfamiliar territory.
  • Leave an itinerary (if you have one) or plan of travel with a family member
  • Make a regular time to contact a friend or family member to check in or utilise social networking sites.
  • Take regular breaks and try to share the driving.
  • Aim to drive realistic distances each section.
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